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We are the top-rated general contractor in Auburn, CA. Experts in home construction, renovation, additions, and whole-house remodels. Get a free estimate today.

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Top Rated General Contractor Auburn

Are you looking to spruce up your home with a remodeling project? Are you in need of an additional dwelling on your property? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you're in the right place. 

Solid Construction & Design is the premier general contractor company in Auburn, California. We have years of construction experience designing, building, and renovating homes across Auburn and the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. We are family-owned and operated, with an emphasis on integrity, transparency, and respect.

We provide free, no-obligation estimates. Simply call us today or fill out our estimate form and we will come to you with everything needed to better understand your goals for your home. At Solid Construction & Design, we take the time to learn about your vision and we work with you to ensure that your dream is turned into a reality.

What We Offer

In our years in business, we have completed every sort of project imaginable - from small, intricate projects to complex and large-scale projects. You can count on our experience and know-how for a wide range of projects.

New Home Construction

When it comes to new home construction, we have the right team. Our staff includes professional designers, engineers, and architects, meaning we take care of every facet of homebuilding. This includes design, framing, plumbing, insulation, electrical work, and much more. 

Not only do we provide a free estimate for your construction project, but we will also provide you an estimated timeframe to completion. Generally, it takes around 6 to 12 months from start to finish, bearing in mind aspects like city ordinances, licensing, and topography.

The smart choice for your new home construction project is Solid Construction and Design. We help you get the most out of your budget and build a home that you will enjoy for years to come. Together, we will build the home you have always dreamed of.


There are a host of reasons why homeowners look to increase the size of their home. Whether it's growing families or new hobbies, adding one or several rooms to your home is an effective and increasingly popular means of increasing your space. When done right, not only does a home addition provide extra space but it adds value to your home and increases its aesthetic charm.

Another increasingly popular avenue homeowners take are ADUs (accessory dwelling units), which refers to a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of the original house. ADUs are an efficient use of existing space and are perfect for growing families or for having a dedicated space for hobbies or activities.

If you have extra space at the bottom of your garden, an ADU may be a perfect choice. We pride ourselves in handling every step of the construction process, from design and implementation to clean-up.

Home Renovation

Whether you would like a new bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, new floors, or any other room in your house, Solid Construction and Design has the expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Modernizing your home helps create a more liveable environment for you and your families. Redesigning a particular room provides greater comfort, reduces the need for future maintenance, and optimizes your existing floor space. A home renovation allows you to personalize your living space to match your tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

Our team is here to take the stress out of home renovations. Our free 3D kitchen designs allow you to see exactly what your new kitchen would look like, helping you to tailor even the smallest details. We also help you with handling the building permits, plans, and inspection scheduling, taking the stress out of your renovation project.

Whole House Remodels

Whole-house remodels are an excellent example of what Solid Construction and Design does best. A whole house remodel is a complex undertaking, requiring a range of expertise and teams, from demolition crews, designers, and architects, to plumbers, and electricians.

Our expertise and range of qualified staff ensure that, when you choose us, you're working with whole-house remodeling experts. Because your vision is central to our work, we keep you informed every step of the way. 

The benefits of a whole-house remodel include creating a more comfortable and functional home for you and your family, lowering your energy costs, raising the value of your home, and reflecting modern design and architectural trends. It is our aim to exceed your remodeling expectations. Contact us today to discuss your projects and receive a free price estimate.

Why Choose Us?

As a local, family-owned, and operated general contractor in Auburn, we understand the stresses that often arise when undertaking construction work at home. Whether it is a new build, a renovation, an addition, or remodeling, we are here to help you achieve your goals in a stress-free way.

  • Our work is all-inclusive
  • Our team is experienced and fully-qualified
  • We offer senior and military project discounts
  • We have $2,000,000 general liability insurance
  • 5-star rated (Yelp, Google, Facebook, GuildQuality, Angie’s List)
  • We are always compliant with installation best practices
  • We are an EPA Lead Certified Renovator
  • We are reputable, established, and experienced

We know you want the best work for your home project. Ensuring that you choose a reputable general contractor is paramount. See below the various organization we are aligned with.

  • Members of National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  • Members of National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
  • Members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rating
  • EGIA Energy Star Member

Choose the #1 General Contractor in Auburn, CA

Our experienced and friendly team is here to work with you to realize your dream project. As the number one residential general contractor near you, you can put your project in safe hands us with.

Whatever you need for your home, Solid Construction and Design is the best general contractor in the business. Contact us today for a free consultation and price estimate.

Other Services in Auburn

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About Auburn

Within a relatively small number of years after the gold rush in Auburn, California the system of trails was changed into roads. The last stop of the wagon freight was moved deeper into the county. As the result of the convergence of the road that were centered in the town close to what is currently known as Central Square, Auburn continued its domination as a transportation hub.

The first was the primary road that ran through Auburn to Colfax Illinois from Sacramento, is about the same the route of what is currently known as the Auburn-Folsom road, which also branched off to Nevada City and Grass valley from the Sacramento-Auburn road. The third road ran northeast to the camps on the Foresthill ridge, while the fourth road ran to Virginia Town and Ophir down to the Auburn Ravine. The fifth road connected with the roads that came down from El Dorado County.

These early roads followed the paths that were established by the mule trains and foot travel. Building roads was expensive and difficult. Incredible problems were come across in converting threadlike and treacherous pack trails into roads. In the early days the roads required a great outpouring of labor and money. The lack of governmental infrastructure to fund the construction of roads resulted it the increase of the construction of private roads. In the Sierras, the toll roads became the basis of commerce.

After making his fortune, the gold seeker was primarily interested in two things, which were safely transporting the gold that he had gathered and news from home. Both of these needs were filled by the early Express Companies. Post offices were irregular, slow, and few in number. The camp’s first Alcalde was a man named Sam Holladay, recalled walking to Sacramento from Auburn and then traveling by a boat to San Francisco in search of any mail from home.

Hunter and Company and Gregory’s Express were among the first Express Companies in Auburn. Eventually they were followed by Wells, Fargo and Company and Adams and Company. Although they could not only send and receive mail on a regular basis for the miners but they could also transport gold and provide full insurance coverage. These express companies provided many services for the miners.

In 1854, an Auburn agent for Wells, Fargo, and Company named John Jackson wrote home and said something to the effect of that what he had to do was very confining, having to stay in his office until 10 at night, buying gold dust, and forwarding and receiving packages of every kind, from and to everywhere, and filling out drafts for the Eastern mails for many different sums from $5.00 to $1,000.

During one month in 1854, Mr. Jackson forwarded more than 750 pounds of gold to San Francisco. He shipped some 150 pounds at a time and explained that was about as much as one cared to carry to and from the stages. Very early in Auburn, the stagecoach lines were established as well as the Express companies, and the community became the primary distribution point for the mines. As early as 1850, a merchant named William Gwynn established a stagecoach line. His stage ran three times a week between Auburn and Sacramento City.

In 1850, the designation of the Sutter County seat rather than Ophir Nicholas and the Miner’s Hotel was another factor that influenced the growth of Auburn. Although it was believed to be predisposed by ballot stuffing Auburn became the county seat by election. In 1851, for the recently established Placer County, Auburn remained the county seat.

The amount of activity that centered in the recording offices as well as the courts incredible. A citizen of the county would come to Auburn to file a mining claim, claim a homestead, or to file a deed. Married women could record and declare the right to become a sole trader or declare personal property, gambling licenses, liquor licenses and business licenses were applied for and brands for animals were recorded at the County offices. At the county seat, many different types of statistics were collected and recorded.

A large number of citizens were drawn to the courts for the county. In early 1859, a typical Court of Sessions trial in summoned jurors from all over the county. Men came from Todd’s Valley, Illinois town, Iowa Hill, Yankee Jim’s, Brushy Canon, and Foresthill.

The miner almost certainly transferred the wildly-ranging backgrounds of the people who were located in the early gold camps although Auburn might not have had this exact combination of cultures. The place named in the region also demonstrate the diversity of locations the men who had left their original location to travel west to locations such as Wisconsin Hill, Spanish Flat, Illinois Town, Dutch Flat, Yankee Jim’s, Michigan Bluff, and Iowa Hill. Old Albany was certainly an exciting place especially for the miners who worked the land in search of their fortune.

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