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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Enjoy the look of a brand new kitchen for less with kitchen cabinet refinishing services.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Sacramento

Don’t have the budget to completely tear down and install new kitchen cabinets in your Sacramento home? No problem! You may be able to enjoy the look of a brand new kitchen for less with kitchen cabinet refinishing services from Solid Construction and Design.

What is Involved in Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

If the hardware of your kitchen cabinetry is still in good shape, and the original wood construction isn’t warped, bending or broken, you’re a good candidate for kitchen cabinet refinishing in Sacramento.

In short, kitchen cabinet refinishing involves putting, essentially a new “coat” of wood veneer or other material over the existing frame of the cabinets. We then complete the look by installing new pulls, knobs, and hinges, so that the new cabinets look absolutely authentic, but at a fraction of the cost.

Refacing cabinets also means you can still use your kitchen. There’s no strict downtime and the process can take as little as a week from start to finish, saving you time and money.

Plus, because your cabinets aren’t being torn out and thrown away, kitchen cabinet refinishing is an eco-friend option that’s good for your wallet as well as the planet! Many homeowners in Sacramento who choose cabinet refinishing even opt for more exotic wood veneers to create a much more elegant and exotic look for their cabinets.

Getting Started with Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Sacramento

If you’re interested in saving money while enjoy beautiful “new” cabinets, contact Solid Construction and Design today for a free consultation and an estimate on your kitchen cabinet refinishing project.

We’ll take the time to walk you through all the steps as well as provide a clear, accurate quote for the work. We’ll also help you choose the best options for your kitchen cabinet refinishing so that the end result will perfectly match your kitchen design and style in a way that you’ll fall in love with!

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