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Our Most Popular Accessory Dwelling Units

Curious about the typical expenses involved in constructing an ADU in Sacramento? Take a look at a few of our highly sought-after designs.

ADU Builders Sacramento

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, have become increasingly popular in the state of California, more particularly in Sacramento. Constructing an ADU on your property is probably the best use of the extra lot around your home. But since building accessory dwelling units is trickier than constructing a new home, it is essential you hand over the project to the right ADU builders.

When hunting for the best contractor in town, you will encounter various ADU builders in Sacramento. While many builders out there will promise you many things, only a few can deliver them, ruining the joy of an exciting project.

Constructing Accessory Dwelling Units at Solid Construction and Design

At Solid Construction Design, we have employed a bunch of expert ADU builders that will take over the construction of accessory dwelling units at your Sacramento home. We are the best choice when choosing ADU builders who you can trust.

Even though creating an ADU might be challenging, with our assistance, it will seem like taking a stroll in the park. We'll help you choose the ideal location, style, and components for your new home as we guide you through the process from beginning to end. We can manage everything from the initial approval to the final inspection because we have experience in all facets of the ADU building.

But before we get into the details of why we are the best ADU builders in Sacramento, let’s tell you all that you need to know about accessory dwelling units before you get yourself into it:

What Does the Law Say About Accessory Dwelling Units?

According to the state law of California, single-family residences are allowed to construct a minimum of one accessory dwelling unit along with one mini accessory dwelling unit on their lot. As long as the current units were constructed legally, multi-family lots are also permitted to construct one Accessory Dwelling Unit for every four existing residential units.

This means you can now easily obtain the permit for constructing accessory dwelling units on your Sacramento home as long as you have all the legal and authentic documentation needed to approve the plan by your local authorities.

The Main Types of Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units come in various types and styles. Not all ADU builders will fill you in with their differences and details. So, as expert ADU builders of Sacramento, we decided to take the task upon ourselves.

Here are a few types of accessory dwelling units that you are allowed to build on your Sacramento property:

Detached ADUs

ADUs that are detached stand apart from the main structure. They are typically modest buildings constructed in the backyard, far from the home or garage. Detached ADUs can also be commonly referred to as granny flats, laneway dwellings, or backyard cottages in various regions of the country.

Attached ADUs

As evident by the name, attached accessory dwelling units attached to your home are attached ADUs. They also go by "bump-out ADUs" or "Addition ADUs." These ADUs can be connected to the main house through a doorway at the point of connection, but they can also stand alone.

Home Extension

An ADU home addition might provide you with the chance to construct an extra primary suite in addition to giving your family extra room. That media center could be expanded to become something even better. Such ADUs are stick-built, so it's possible to add larger recreational rooms and turn them from ordinary bedrooms into a unique environment.

Interior Transformation

This ADU has all the utilities and is integrated into the main building. These are interior conversions if you consider making your basement or attic into an apartment. It's typically a fairly straightforward job using the already available structure and floor layout. However, some people go one step farther and lift or dig under the house to create a more independent living space.

Garage Conversion

The fourth sort of ADU is a garage conversion, which, in essence, converts a garage into a usable apartment. It's a self-contained, separate building, similar to a detached ADU. However, it uses construction and existing space, like an interior conversion.

Depending on the dimensions of your garage, a garage transformation ADU might be big or little. Additionally, your converted garage may become a lucrative rental property based on legislation.

At Solid Construction and Design, our team of professional ADU builders can assist you in getting the most out of your investment in accessory dwelling units, which are a terrific way to increase your Sacramento property's space or income.

We'll collaborate with you to create and build an ADU that satisfies your unique requirements and price range, ensuring the entire process is as easy and tension-free as possible.

Every ADU is different, and because of this, our ADU builders will work together with you to devise a special solution that satisfies your needs and your budget.

Best ADU Builders in Sacramento

Choosing the right ADU builders for your project is essential for a smooth and hassle-free process. Following are some reasons why we must be your go-to choice for constructing accessory dwelling units in your Sacramento home:

Extensive Experience

It is important to go with ADU builders with a proven track record. We are your best choice because our knowledge and capacity to persevere under challenging conditions to moral business practices will ensure that your project is carried out smoothly and conveniently.

Since we have been serving the Sacramento region for quite a long time now, we might even be able to make the necessary connections for an easy supply of high-quality items.

Comprehensive Knowledge of the Local Laws

We take on the responsibility of constructing accessory dwelling units at your Sacramento property that meet the requirements of the law. We remain well aware of the most current editions of municipal legislation, permit requirements, and other legal challenges to guarantee a safe and secure project from the start.

A Strong Plan of Action

As expert ADU builders, we have a strong, well-designed construction plan prepared in advance, considering all other vital factors. We will be able to address all of your concerns regarding the procedure, even though designing and building an ADU is challenging.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and get in touch with the best ADU builders immediately for further information or a quotation!

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