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Solid Construction & Design Elk Grove Kitchen remodeling can turn our customers’ kitchens into a thing of beauty. We offer everything from new kitchen cabinets, to new flooring to the most modern kitchen appliances in order to transform our customer old kitchen into the kitchen of their dreams. Our objective is to not only fulfill our customer’s desire for a beautiful new kitchen, but also to fulfill that dream affordably. Our kitchen remodeling service offer the very best, high quality design and remodeling possible at a cost that homeowners can afford.


Our customers’ kitchen is the center of their home. It is a place where family and friends gather to cook and eat meals. The most modern kitchens are rooms that are designed to function the way that they are really used.  They have open eating areas, custom appliances, natural lighting, storage, expansive countertops, and many other features. Solid Construction & Design Elk Grove Kitchen remodeling can make these options transform our customers’ old kitchen into the kitchen of their dreams. We specialize in all sizes of kitchen remodeling projects. We can update the look of our customer’s kitchen by refacing cabinets and changing countertops or we can work with them to develop an entirely new kitchen space that fits their wants and requirements, as well as their budget.

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Remodeling our customer’s kitchen becomes our only focus after they have decided on a design it the time has come to begin their exciting remodel, regardless if it is a heavy or light remodeling project. We can offer the full range of remodeling services to get your remodeling project is done right. In fact, most of our projects are remodeling projects and we are definitely accustomed to the process and know what to expect in any remodeling situation.

We are more than simply another construction company. We are also designers and remodelers who will it our mission to come up with creative ways to transform our customer’s kitchen to make it both beautiful and functional.


At Solid Construction & Design, our Elk Grove kitchen remodeling company is dedicated to making our customers’ kitchen remodel time and cost efficient, in addition to designing a new kitchen space for them according to their requirements. We are committed to honoring the time we promised to remodel the kitchen and our price commitment.


We are also committed above having our customers achieve the dream kitchen that they have always wanted. We love seeing our customers the moment they first set eyes on their beautiful new kitchen. We are absolutely as proud of their new kitchen as they are.

The majority of people spend much of their day in their kitchen. There are meals to prepare and to enjoy eating with their families. They maybe also spend some time in their kitchen playing some cards with their friends. Therefore, the center of the home is the kitchen. Their kitchen needs to look its very best. Our remodeling experts will help our customers create their dream kitchen and work with them through every step of the process of design and remodeling. This will not only add overall value to their home but a kitchen makeover will also bring new life to this extremely important room in their home. Elk Grove kitchen remodeling done by Solid Construction & Design can make that dream kitchen a reality.

Your Premier Kitchen Renovation Experts - Custom Kitchen Design

There is a lot more to the kitchen remodeling process than simply ripping out the old appliances and fixtures and replacing them with new ones. We have to ensure that all construction is compliant with local the plumbing codes, determine the best locations for the drain and sink and drain, and, in sometimes have brand new pipes installed.

We are licensed general contractors and have kitchen remodeling Elk Grove experts on hand to help with the following:

  • Design the new Kitchen
  • Acquire the proper inspections and permits
  • Order all materials
  • Determine the requirement for gas line and plumbing fixtures
  • Select new appliances
  • Install gas lines and plumbing where required

Our customers leave their kitchen remodeling projects to our experts. Our new kitchens are built to last, which saves our customers money in the long run. We will work closely with our customers from design to installation to make sure that every aspect of their new kitchen meets their requirements.

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We also work very closely with our customer with regard to their budget. We have some of the most affordable designers in the region. We will carefully consider one of the fundamental variables in any kitchen interior design, which is how much kitchen space, is required. Determining how much space you have to work with is necessary to then determine what features can be included in our customers’ kitchen remodeling design. We take all of these many variables into consideration when designing and remodeling any kitchen. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Please feel free to call us at (916) 260-2066 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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About Elk Grove

Elk Grove is a city that is located on the south side of Sacramento. Elk Grove can be categorized under Arden-Arcade Metropolitan. According to statistics recorded in 2019, the population stood at 174,775. Compared to Elk Grove’s surrounding cities, Elk Grove probably has the fastest growing community. Elk Grove was incorporated in July of 2000.

Elk Grove is under a council-manager government. The current Mayor is Steve Ly, with Steve M Detrick serving as the vice mayor of Elk Grove.

The total area is inclusive of land and water. The land covers 42.03 square miles. The water covers 0.17 square miles. The elevation is 46 feet or 14 meters. The principal area codes used for Elk Grove is 916 and 279.

Before Sacramento was known as just Sacramento, it was first known as Sacramento Valley. This was in the 1800s. Sacramento was named by an individual of Spanish descent known as Gabriel Moraga. Gabriel had been traveling until he had stumbled across the oak trees and surrounding bodies of water. Gabriel had enjoyed the Sacramento air and abundance of nature.

It was only in the year 1850 that Elk Grove would be founded. Again, Elk Grove was in the passing of some travelers. In 1868, the Central Pacific Railroad had been created to go through a mile east of Elk Grove. At this time, a Hotel known as Elk Grove Hotel had been built. The hotel was meant for the travelers who had passed through Elk Grove during their journey.

Elk Grove was proliferating and attracting many new residents. During the late 1980s, more emphasis on developing an urban neighborhood was introduced. Elk Grove was on its way to becoming a major city. The farmers of Elk Grove had also begun to use their farmland for the growing business. Another essential factor of the development of Elk Grove was so that travelers would have a place to rest or recoup while on their journey to San Fransico. Elk Grove had seen significant growth between 2004 and 2005.

Companies such as Apple had actually had a production of its iMac line in Elk Grove in the late 2000s.

As it stands today, Elk Grove has racked up quite an impressive profile. The real businesses operating in Elk Grove are 8710, and total employment is 44,806. There a total of 93 parks with an unlimited number of park acres at 694. It is also known as the 7th Most racially and ethnically diverse city by WalletHub in 2015. It has also been named the 13th hardest-working city by MyLife.com in 2014.

There are 20 elementary schools, 5 private schools, 6 high schools, and 6 available middle schools.

Elk Grove has an outstanding reputation for it, as it has an aquatics team attached to its name. The Aquatics Center in Elk grove provides a full complex dedicated to training aspiring aquatic athletes. Their several pools used for various types of aquatics sports. The aquatics center is also open to the public for water fitness or just some wholesome family fun in the water. The aquatics center does boast a 50-meter competition pool as well as two 30-foot water slides. The other available facilities include a concession stand, a lazy river pool, and a party room for hire. Elk Grove has beautiful scenery to offer if you opt to take a stroll in the Avenue of the Arts. You can have a picnic on the grass under the oak trees at The Avenue or just take a walk in the park. Either way, the garden is spacious enough to have many guests.

Elk Grove has also created an Elk Grove Veterans Memorial Hall in honor of 9000 veterans. The Veterans Hall is also available for hire for occasions of your choice.

The Preserve is also a beautiful ground where you and your family can enjoy a leisurely walk or hike. The Preserve is filled with wetlands and native grasslands. It might even serve as an educational activity for the kids. The Preserve is a vast park space in the middle of the hustle and bustle city space.

Elk Grove also contains and maintains its public library that had been built. It is located at 8900 Elk Grove Boulevard.

As it stands, besides Apple Inc., there are many businesses currently operating out of Elk Grove. This includes the Elk Grove Unified School District, CA Correctional Health Care Services, Walmart, and Nissan of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove also housed some notable people who are now famous today. Arik Armstead, a linebacker for the NFL’s was born in Elk Grove in 1993. Kyle Larson, a racecar driver, was also born in Elk Grove in 1992.

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