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Orangevale ADU Builders

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Construction in Orangevale 

Getting a permit to construct accessory dwelling units in your Orangevale home is difficult. This is why you should choose reliable ADU builders because many will claim to build one at your place without a problem but will fail to do so, leaving you to do all the legal work. 

Thus, Solid Construction and Design are the best ADU builders for you. Not only do we sit our clients down and make sure they are aware of numerous elements and data points that they need to discuss with the local authorities in their area before the commencement of the project, but we also frame our projects in a manner that they are financially and legally practical. 

Choosing us to build an additional unit at your home will allow you to focus on and enjoy the perks of the latest construction at your home rather than paying attention to the external factors, which you should not have to worry about.

Orangevale Accessory Dwelling Unit Contractor

As the best ADU builders in town, we start our projects by hearing. It is essential to comprehend your goals and particular requirements to achieve ideal and beautiful designs. Each task starts with an interview. We are interested in learning how installing ADUs can improve our ability to work effectively together and produce top-notch solutions.

Our construction process involves using our years of experience in building your project. We specialize in construction accessory dwelling units that are not just aesthetically pleasing in design but are also fully functional and meet your criteria. Plus, we do so while complying with the law and adhering to your budget. 

Good Construction

For years, we've built conventional ADUs. Prefab mobile homes aren't what we do. For many years, we've focused on offering consumers long-term benefits. After all, houses are built to last.

Multiple cornerstones go into a construction process, including planning, strategy, and experience. Predictability and order are what we're after. Due to our end-to-end construction method, there won't be any disappointments, proving that we're the best ADU builder around.

Advantages of Building Accessory Dwelling Units in Orangevale

Building an additional unit at a single-family home property does not sound like a good idea to many people. Besides, new construction will consume further space on your land and will open a gateway to several expenses and other construction-related problems. 

Of course, building an ADU is not a walk in the park; it comes with its challenges. But as professional ADU builders, we tell you it has a range of benefits to offer. 

As expert ADU builders, we believe the most typical use for such accessory dwelling units includes the following:


It can be inconvenient if your friends and family come over often and stay for a while. Hence, ADUs are the most practical way to accommodate the guests here to visit you. An ADU will have its own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, so they won't have to invade your living space for basic amenities. This way, they can stay with you for as long as they like without feeling like a burden or interfering in your personal life. 

Can Serve as a Residence for the Family's Upcoming Generation

Members of the family who are old can use the ADU you built. They will need your continued attention and may find it difficult to reside in different cities far from you. As different generations don't usually vibe together, it is a good idea to separate their living space while still being close to them. The youngsters can party, and the elderly can peacefully spend their alone time. 

Americans call accessory dwelling units "Granny Flats" because elderly family members often use them as living spaces. As a bonus, they're convenient for the whole family. Your Orangevale home will benefit from them.

Source of Passive Income (Rental Income)

This benefit can only be acquired if your ADU unit is placed strategically. If it fulfills all the property regulations and complies with the law, you might be able to get a permit for renting it out. It will enable your tenants to live peacefully while giving you extra monthly money.

Home Office, Workshop, and Studio

It is very practical to build an ADU if the landowners work remotely. If you have a separate facility from where you live, you can work peacefully without being disturbed by people you share a home with or household chores. It's a simple option to walk across the backyard to get to work quickly, not to add the change of scenery and fresh air.

Full-Service Architectural and Design Solutions in Orangevale


Schedule a time for a cost-free evaluation. Our ADU builders will carry out pre-approval requirements and offer 100% financing. There are low-interest financing options available.


We do a full property evaluation before starting construction. By doing this, we can document what the project is like and what the budget is. It's not something many ADU builders do, so we're the best!


After surveying the site, we start the foundation, design, and construction of your ADU on time and on budget.


We oversee the full planning and construction process. After the project is finished, our ADU builders will offer quality inspection and maintenance.

Solid Construction and Design: The Best ADU Builders in Orangevale 


Collaborate with our ADU builders to build your dream house.


With our 3D renderings, you'll see your vision come to life.

Requirements for Code

You can trust us to keep your house up to code and comply with all building codes.


All plans will be pre-approved by the Orangevale city authorities by our professional ADU builders.


Get help choosing the right materials from our designer.


You can start building your Orangevale ADU with our Orangevale ADU builders.

Cost to Build an Accessory Dwelling Units in Orangevale

The cost of accessory dwelling units is still higher than that of a new home, even though they're built on a smaller lot. Building an ADU requires many other things, like removing old yardwork and accessing the construction site.

New homes are generally $300 to $500 per square foot, but ADUs don't have the same rules. It's a good idea to consult a builder or architect before you build an ADU in your Orangevale home to get an idea of what you'll have to pay.

So, you can reach out to the ADU builders at Solid Construction and Design today with all the relevant details so our team can calculate the estimated amount you might have to spend constructing accessory dwelling units in your Orangevale home. We can provide further assistance if you need more guidance, so feel free to contact us! 

Serviced ZIP Codes: 95628, 95662

About Orangevale

Orangevale is a city in Sacramento County, California. At the 2010 census, the population was 33,960, increasing from the 2000 census's population of 26,705. Orangevale is situated around 30 miles (50 kilometers) to the north-northeast of Sacramento.

Attractions include sights of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and foothills and a rural setting in the center of a rapidly expanding metropolis. Horses and orchards are permitted on specific farms in the region.

Orange Vale Colony was established in 1844 as part of the Mexican land grant Rancho San Juan. There were several orange groves in the rural region. In Orangevale, CA Park, vestiges of oak trees and routes laid down by the Maidu Native Americans can still be spotted. Some original olive trees can still be seen along Chestnut, Main, and Walnut Avenues in the region initially home to orange groves.

According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the CDP is 11.6 square miles (30 km²), comprising 11.5 square miles (30 km²) of land, and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km²) of water. The percentage of water makes up 1.13 percent of the total area. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Orangevale is mainly made of undulating hills.

The Hotel Villa was one of the first buildings erected in OrangeVale, CA, overlooking the American River. There is still a yellow home with four gables on Greenback Lane, where it was subsequently relocated.

Greenback Lane, Orangevale's central street, has been the subject of several tales. While some claim that the earliest settlers constructed the tiny dirt road, others claim that it was built by Chinese laborers who were paid with greenbacks since they were less valued than gold.

However, the Vale is still often referred to as the Orange Vale. While other colonies in the state failed, the Colony thrived due to an increasing number of colonists arriving over time. In this case, water availability was the deciding factor. Dredging ditches created during placer mining on the Mississippi Bar in the eastern portion were an obvious choice for irrigation of the orange trees, vineyard, and other crops such as apples and plums.

In 1894, Orangevale received the first prize and the most outstanding overall exhibit of budded oranges at the Midwinter Fair in San Francisco. When it comes to specialties, Orangevale, CA has had none for years.

You could get better prunes, apricots, and lemons here than in any other California city, and the oranges here were even better than those in Riverside. It became undeniable that Orangevale could produce all of California's fruits, and they'd be of top-notch quality.

However, a terrible crash happened. The Big Frost decimated the orange orchards in 1930. Other types of farming persisted, and Orangevale developed into a peaceful rural community that continued to expand.

More and more people moved to Orangevale due to the area's natural beauty, location near lakes and mountains, recreational options, and excellent schools, as well as the expansion of industry in the county.

Many new schools have opened, roads have been enlarged, blacktop has been laid, organizations of all ages have flourished, and new church buildings have been built. A broad selection of leisure activities can be found in and around Orangevale. Boating, fishing, picnics, and horseback riding are excellent year-round options. Only a five-minute drive from the American River, Folsom, and Natoma Lake, two main roads connect to the Sierras and Lake Tahoe.

Thousands of boat lovers go with their outboard motors and their families to the blue dam-made lakes in Orangevale to go fishing, skiing, or picnics. Along the bank of the river, many people catch their daily limit of fish from the water's edge.

Nearby Phoenix Field welcomes aviators from all over the state who want to take advantage of the region's many recreational activities. Horse-lovers have flocked to Orangevale. The number of horses in the region has increased from fewer than 50 to more than 3000 in the last fifteen years.

They participate in marches individually and are well-prepared, well-dressed groups whenever the opportunity presents itself. Adult and Youth groups in Orangevale, CA maintain full-size arenas with snack shacks and nightlights for year-round house performances. In addition, hundreds of miles of ancient trails nearby are perfect for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Every year, Greenback Lane becomes a center of activity thanks to a parade attracting tens of thousands of people. The annual Pow Wow Day in Orangevale, CA, was initially conceived by local merchants to celebrate their love of western life. Still, it has grown to include a broad spectrum of people from all over the country, bringing a new level of glitz and glamor to the event.

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