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A Guide to Designing a Kitchen That Looks Straight Out of a Remodeling Showroom

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A Guide to Designing a Kitchen That Looks Straight Out of a Remodeling Showroom

You've always dreamed of having a home that you can completely redesign and call your own. A home where every detail was picked out by you and your spouse.

One of the rooms with the most potential for detail and remodeling is the kitchen.

Now you have the opportunity to gather all of your ideas over the years and put them into fruition!

The best way to put all of those ideas to good use is by taking everything in stride and consider all of the options.

Here are several factors of a kitchen renovation that you should consider as you go through the process.

1. Make a Budget

Renovating your dream kitchen doesn't come without costs... and a lot of costs, at that!

While it will all be worth it in the end as you're enjoying it for years later, the fact is that you need to mind your current finances as well.

Set an honest budget for the remodeling that you're hoping to pull off. Start by researching some of the pieces that you're eyeing (i.e. certain countertops, sink styles, appliances, etc.). 

The prices associated with those will give you an idea of what it will cost to build the ultimate kitchen. Now, does that line up with your financial situation?

If not, you may need to scale down on a few aspects or keep an eye out for cheaper, more efficient alternatives to a few pieces.

Keep in mind that it typically costs between $12,800-$35,500 to remodel a kitchen, so you'll want to set that expectation early (although the average cost of an upscale kitchen remodel is more than $80,000). Have a sit down with your spouse to discuss what range you'd both be comfortable with.

2. Do Not Do It Yourself

This is one DIY project that you won't want any part of. A kitchen remodel will take scaling, budgeting, and designing experience that you simply don't have experience with... better to get someone that does!

Having an experienced kitchen remodeling team on your side will help things run as smooth as possible. When there's a setback, which there always is, they'll know the proper way to handle it.

More importantly, you give them a budget and they'll know the best ways to meet it. They may also suggest ideas you hadn't thought of: better alternatives, cheaper options, or models they recommend.

3. Discuss Floor Plans

Yet another aspect to kitchen remodeling that you more than likely have no previous experience with. 

You may not realize it, but some of your ideas for your kitchen may not fit into the floorplan's size and layout. A massive marble countertop will look amazing, but if it takes away too much room for you to walk, what good does it do you?

Talk with your designer about layout adjustments that can be made and what their suggestions are. 

Certain things, like wiring and plumbing, also play a big factor in where everything can go into your kitchen.

4. Don't Forget to Prioritize Storage Space

Second to the design of your kitchen layout will be the appliances that you choose to fit into it.

There's always going to be a "latest and greatest" kitchen appliance that you'll go out and buy. You'll need plenty of space to store several years worth of purchased appliances in the future.

Don't forget to keep storage space as a top priority in your kitchen remodel planning. Make sure you have plenty of cabinets and compartments for storing.

Besides, who doesn't enjoy the sight of beautifully placed cabinets to match all of your shiny new appliances? Cabinets are the windows to your recipes and cookbooks, fill your kitchen with them!

5. Optimize Its Functionality

As previously alluded to: the finest countertops and appliances won't do you any good if they take up too much space.

You'll then be stuck with years of aggravation that you can't easily navigate through your kitchen while cooking dinner.

It makes everyone that steps into it super uncomfortable, which defeats the entire purpose of a dream kitchen in the first place.

Always have your kitchen habits in mind while planning out the floor plan. You'll be happy that you did in the long run.

6. Counter Space, Counter Space, Counter Space!

Make sure you have plenty of it! Thanksgiving won't be nearly as enjoyable if you don't have space in your kitchen to set things aside.

Sacrificing counter space for anything else in your kitchen (besides room to walk) shouldn't be an option. Always make sure to give yourself room to set pots and pans around.

Think of it as a dinner table... not having enough space will cause you to gather everything too close together. It'll look ugly and also increases the possibility of things falling.

7. Don't Cheap Out

Yes, you have a budget to meet during the kitchen remodeling, but don't go too cheap and sacrifice the integrity of your kitchen.

As with anything else, it makes more sense to spend a bit more now to have years of usage in the future.

You've waited a long time to bring your ideas to life, there's no sense in placing items in your kitchen that won't make you smile. Trick it out with features that will make you never want to leave it... that's the idea!

Find the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Expert

Now that you've seen all of the steps and factors to consider during a kitchen renovation, it's time to get an expert to walk you through the process!

Be sure to read this article on the 7 best kitchen renovation trends to get the ideas flowing for your new temple of food!

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact page and we'll be happy to assist you further!

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