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The 7 2019 Kitchen Renovations Trends You Don't Want to Miss

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The 7 2019 Kitchen Renovations Trends You Don't Want to Miss

Kitchen renovations add instant appeal to one of the busiest rooms in your house and offer a great return on your investment. You can recoup up to 62.1% of the money spent on a major kitchen revamp when you sell your house.

So, if you're into renovations that pay off, these are the most popular kitchen ideas 2019 has seen so far. 

1. Color is In

Gone are the days when white was the way to go for kitchens and bathrooms. Now, multi-colored cabinets and dark-hued floors are becoming the norm. 

Hardwood flooring is still a major trend, but ceramic tile and vinyl flooring are gaining popularity every day. These durable, waterproof options are the perfect choice for floors that often fall victim to spills and splashes. 

When contrasted with cabinets in a lighter shade, dark floors bring contrast and luxurious elegance to the most practical room in the house. Consider installing grey and blue cabinets for maximum appeal. 

Another element that's had its days is the high-gloss finish. Now, matte finishes are the preferred choice for appliances, cabinets, and countertops.

If you opt for glossy quartz work surfaces, matte cabinets serve to tone down the look, adding texture and an element of sophistication. 

2. Open Kitchen Layouts 

If you're going to commit to a new kitchen redesign, you might as well go all out. Get rid of all those internal walls–wide-open kitchens are in. 

When the walls come down, cooking and dining become more interactive, and entertaining is a breeze. The only downside is that you'll have to keep your kitchen tidy at all times, and that's never a bad thing.

It makes sense that if you're going darker with your kitchen decor, the room will appear a little smaller.

Don't hesitate to replace an exterior wall or two with glass panes or French doors. That way, you're inviting the outside in and decreasing the temperature of a hot kitchen.  

3. Simple Storage & Open Shelves 

While we're on the subject of an open, tidy look, it's time to take those cabinet doors down and install some extra floating shelves. Open shelving means you don't need a special occasion to show off the fine china.

What about all the clutter that comes out of those cabinets? No problem, storage solutions are smarter than ever before. New-style kitchen cabinets can max out your storage space in previously neglected areas. 

Lazy Susans, sliding shelves, deep drawers, and appliance garages are the latest crazes in kitchen storage. Modular kitchen cabinets have made way for brilliant custom designs to fit seamlessly into every nook of your new kitchen. 

4. Smart Kitchen Renovations

It's not only storage that's gotten smarter either. Nowadays, every kitchen appliance seems to have a mind of its own. The latest ovens, refrigerators, and coffee machines are full of innovations to make your life easier. 

Presently 13% of US households have already adopted smart technology, that's expected to more than double by 2023.

You can control these high-tech assets from your cell-phone or with a digital assistant like Alexa.

Refrigerators come with cameras that let you check their contents from your phone while you're out shopping. They can also make grocery lists and tell you if the eggs have expired. New-age coffee machines will brew your favorite cup to perfection. 

Induction burners are the eco-friendly cooking solution of the decade. They use less energy and won't warm up your kitchen like their conventional counterparts. 

5. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Since they first made an appearance in the 1980s, kitchen islands have become ever more popular. Now, they can incorporate all kinds of clever space-saving extras too.

Modern-day kitchen islands come with sinks, sliding shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Fold-out sections that allow them to double as an extra dining area are a nice touch.

While the kitchen island may take center stage, don't underestimate the power of the good old kitchen table just yet. They're back, although mainly relegated to the wings as a cozy place for family dining and coffee with friends.  

6. Goodbye Granite, Hello Quartz 

Granite countertops are making way for gorgeous quartz finishes. This virtually indestructible surface creates a timeless finish for your kitchen refurbishment. You can get it in a variety of shades to match your look and the colors are more consistent than granite. 

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant, easier to keep clean and don't need to re-sealed every few years. Quartz is also more hygienic than porous granite and it's often slightly cheaper.

It's an engineered stone, made of ground-up granite, marble, natural stone and industrial wastes mixed with polymers. Since quartz comprises waste materials, it's an eco-friendly choice for your kitchen. 

7.  Eye-Catching Backsplashes

The backsplash remains a functional aspect of any kitchen, designed to protect your walls from splashes of grease or water. Yet in recent times they've evolved into an important focal element. 

Lately, standard subways tiles are on their way out, making way for more interesting design elements.  If you must have subway tiles, choose larger ones and try out different colors. Grey, green, blue, and yellow tiles are appearing on more kitchen walls than ever before.

Mirror or metallic tiles add light and interest to any modern kitchen, drawing attention to other metallic accents in your kitchen decor. Tiles resembling natural stone or wood are perfect for a rustic farmhouse look. 

With such attractive materials available, why limit your backsplash to a small area behind the stove or sink? Nowadays, backsplashes are extending their reach to take up entire walls, reaching right up to the ceiling. 

Stay up to Date

Keeping up with kitchen trends makes your house more sellable when the time comes. However, you have to live with the changes you make.

Adding your own touches and interpretation of trends is important but getting expert assistance just makes good sense.  

Are you ready to embrace this exciting new age of kitchen design? Get in touch for assistance with state of the art kitchen renovations to breathe new life into the heart of your home. 

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