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7 Advantages of Bathtub Liners for Homeowners

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7 Advantages of Bathtub Liners for Homeowners

There’s nothing better than lounging in a warm, bubbly after a long day of work. But if you have an old, rusted, or even a moldy bathtub, you’re probably thinking twice about taking that bath.

In addition, an old and dirty bathtub is an eyesore. It looks bad to guests and can be difficult to sell a house with bathroom problems — especially since guests judge you on your bathroom cleanliness.

But is a bathroom remodel your only option? You can also opt for bathtub liners. This is custom-fitted acrylic that fits over your tub and the bathroom walls.

Here are the benefits of bathtub liners.

What Are Bathtub Liners?

The goal of a bathtub liner is to make your tub look brand new — without installing a new tub or restoring your existing one.

These tub liners essentially cover up your tub with a liner. A bathtub liner is usually made of either acrylic or PVC and it’s molded to fit your bathtub.

A technician has to take measurements of your bathtub, mold the PVC or acrylic on your tub, and then will install the tub liner with special tape and sealants.

7 Benefits of Bathtub Liners

Are you seriously considering installing a bathroom liner? If so, here are the bathtub liner benefits to know.

1. No Construction

If you need a new tub but don’t want to commit to installations or restorations, you can opt for a shower liner. The technician will only need to come to your house to measure your tub and install the liner.

In addition, most of the work is done outside of your home — the shop will create your bathtub liner and the technician will return to install it. You don’t have to worry about lengthy projects and contractors coming in and out of your home.

2. No Need to Replace the Walls or Floor

What if there’s nothing wrong with your bathtub? If you don’t need restoration but still want to redesign your bathroom and tub, a bathroom liner is another great option. You can get a brand new tub design without replacing the tub, the floor, or even your bathroom walls.

A bathroom liner also makes more sense if your fixtures work fine. During a bathtub redesign and renovation, the bathtub will usually be completed gutted. This not only includes removing the fixtures but also the plumbing lines.

What if you only want a liner on one area; for example, you want to cover up the old tile with a liner but don’t want to touch the tub? Inform the technician — they will only fit the bathroom liner on the walls.

3. Saves Money and Time

Since you’re not completely renovating your bathroom, bathtub liners will help you save money. While high-quality bathtub liners aren’t cheap and you’ll likely have to pay for labor, this costs significantly less than restoring your bathtub.

Not only that, but your technician may include a warranty. Since bathtub liners usually only last for a few years (though really good ones last for decades), the warranty will cover any replacements.

Installing a bathroom is also an extremely quick process. If you want to install a bathroom liner for guests, an event, or other purposes, installing a bathroom liner is a more attractive option than a full bathtub restoration.

4. Durable

Bathtub liners are still a durable option. Liners are not only thick but they have a double layer. This makes them more durable than other popular bathtub restoration options, such as refinishing. You’ll also benefit from choosing acrylic liners, which are an extremely tough form of plastic.

5. Safety

Are you installing a bathtub liner on the floor? If so, bathtub liners have a non-skid surface. This results in fewer slips and falls in the shower.

6. Easy to Maintain

Cleaning a bathtub liner is easy! All you need to do is clean the liner regularly with soap and water. You also don’t need a fancy soap — dish soap and other common cleaning soaps work fine. You can simply use bleach to disinfect the bathtub.

The liner also protects your tub from stains, rust, and even chips, so your bathroom looks lovely for years.

7. Different Appearance Options

The options are limitless when it comes to bathtub liner design. Most bathtub liner materials are available in a variety of different colors. You can also opt for a glossy coating to give your bathtub that “good as new” look!

Important Considerations When Getting Bathtub Liners

Homeowners will have to keep these facts in mind when getting bathtub liners:

  • Hygiene
  • Customizations

While bathtub liners can improve the appearance of your bathtub, you'll have to regularly clean them. In addition, water can build up between the liner and your tub, attracting mold growth.

This fact leads us to our next point. You must hire a reputable contractor who will customize and size your liner correctly. Bathtub liners aren't a one-size-fits-all product, they must fit to the contours and the shape of your bathtub perfectly.

Do I Need Bathtub Liners? When You Need a Bathtub Replacement Instead

There are many benefits of choosing bathtub liners, but a full bathtub replacement might be your best option.

First, any plumbing or fixture issues call for a new bathtub or shower. For example, if your bathtub leaks when you fill it up with water, a bathtub or shower replacement is the easiest option.

Are there stains on your tub floor or walls? While you may think a liner will cover it up, it’s worth it to try cleaning them on your own. If the stains are stubborn, the stains could be mold — and you’ll definitely want to replace your bathtub in that instance.

Do You Need a New Bathtub or Shower?

Has your bathtub seen better days? If so, it’s time for a bathtub makeover! While there are a variety of options, many homeowners choose bathtub liners. They don’t require construction or tub replacements, are durable, and can be installed quickly.

But a new bathtub or shower installation may also be a better solution for many homeowners. You’ll want to consider this if your plumbing isn’t working properly or your bathtub has a lot of mold.

If you realize you need a new bathtub or shower, we can help! If you’re based in Sacramento, take a look at our shower replacement services.

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