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Bath Trends: Inspiring and Innovative Bathroom Designs of 2020

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Bath Trends: Inspiring and Innovative Bathroom Designs of 2020

Research suggests that the average person spends around an hour and 42 minutes on the toilet each week. Add in shower time and any pampering activities you do in front of the mirror, and you are looking at a large chunk of time in the bathroom.

When you're in this room so often, you want it to suit all of your wants and needs. Which of today's bath trends appeal to you?

Awesome 2020 Bath Trends

Transform your bathroom into something spectacular! Read on for brilliantly updated bathroom trends of 2020.

Spa Inspired Bathroom

Turn your bathroom space into a luxurious spa. Make it a space to perk up in the mornings and wind down at night. 

Begin by replacing your old shower with something more inviting. Separate the shower and tub.

Shower updates that add glass doors and multiple spouts in a stand-up shower make it feel more lux. Choose a jacuzzi tub with jets for a therapeutic bath.

Marble bathroom tile looks posh. Choose two contrasting tones for large squares and separate the color change with tiny rectangles of metallic sparkle tiles.

Opt for a modern toilet. The Ove smart toilet provides heated seats, a warm water bidet, and airdrying for the full Montey. 

Include built-in wall speakers for the ultimate experience. Playing Pandora's Zen Garden while you bathe will bring this spa bathroom to a whole new level.

Install a ceiling heat lamp to keep warm when you step out of the water. Add racks for rolled towels, and baskets full of your favorite essential oils to really give it that spa atmosphere.

A scented oil diffuser will add in the aromatherapy you crave. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and rose will help wash away your stress with a nice warm bath.

Nature Inspired Bathroom

Mother nature inspires all things, including bathroom designs this year! Some people might take nature inside by adding plants and a trendy animal print shower curtain.

But, other trendsetters took this idea to a whole new level for 2020. People who live in secluded areas, with private back yards, literally install large windows as the entire outer wall of their bathroom.

From a freestanding bath, they can see gardens, ponds, and more. Inside, they keep it simple, with bamboo mats, wooden shelving and vanities, and hardwood flooring.

Stone tiles and pebble bathmats will keep you in your element. Also, add plants that thrive in humid conditions, like bamboo, spider plants, and orchids.

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional is the new modern in this new roaring 20's era! Update your bathroom to give it an old-school feel.

So, how do we turn antique into chic?

Art Deco

With the cost of housing at an all-time high, the younger generation is making the best of the old buildings they can settle into. With this happening, Art Deco is making a huge comeback!

Think bold, contrasting tile patters! Choose black marble against mint green, mauve, or powder blue. You may even opt for floor tiles with an intricate pattern.

Freestanding footed tubs and double vanity sinks bring out the character of this style. Go for a geometrically shaped modern toilet to give it an old feel.

Finish off the look with a piece of geometric bathroom art! If you can find towels and a bathmat that matches the artwork it will polish your look.

Old Farmhouse

This look brings a special sort of charm. Incorporate the old farm look with modern fixtures and you will create a masterpiece.

Go for unpolished wood sink vanity, mirror frame, and shelving. Farms tend to keep lots of open spacing, so fewer drawers, and more shelving.

A footed porcelain tub with a crude iron shower head will fit in nicely with this look. Opt for the basin sink with old metal handles and spout.

For extra oomph, place a wooden ladder against the wall to hang towels on and throw a wicker basket or two into the mix.

Dramatic Bathroom Trends

Some people want to let go of the past and go wild in the future. 2020 brings with it some unusual bathroom trends!

Accent Tubs

Freestanding tubs are not exactly new. But, the way some of the trendsetters choose to use them is!

If you want to make your tub the centerpiece, choose a bold accent color, like deep purple, red, or black! You may even want an inner basin of gold!

With comfort in mind, the trend gears towards deeply set soaking tubs. Go for extravagant, decorated metal feet for your tub to stand on.

To pull this look off, choose one solid wall color that makes your tub pop! Make the rest of your fixtures simple and solid white so that nothing else steals the show.


We live in a high tech room. Think about modernizing your bathroom to fit!

Smart toilets add comfort and style. Install Fitbit weigh stations, touchless sinks with temperature control, smart shower heads that conserve water and offer Bluetooth technology, and temperature-controlled drawers to store your products!

Chic Shower Makeovers

Hot showers just got cooler! Trendy new looks make them feel opulent and super futuristic!

Make It Rain

Oversized and overhead, rectangular stainless steel shower heads will make it feel more like you're singing in the rain! This refreshing change will impress your guests!

Open Space Shower Room

Who says that your shower needs an enclosure? Create an open space shower.

Think locker room style, only trendy. This trend sees either a tiled half wall blocking the shower area or semi-framed glass.

To make it extra awesome, add a light-up waterfall shower head. You may also want to add a spray attachment and spouts that spray down the wall for the full experience.

Create the Ultimate Bathroom

With so many amazing bath trends happening this year, you can choose one that suits your style and makes you feel at home. After all, you spend quite a bit of time in this space!

We want to help you turn your vision into reality! Contact us for your free home estimate!

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