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Should My Kitchen Cabinets Reach the Ceiling?

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Should My Kitchen Cabinets Reach the Ceiling?

Cabinets are the first thing that catches an individual’s eyes the moment they step foot into a kitchen. Hence, when considering a kitchen remodel, choosing your cabinetry after taking in all the factors is quite important.

Cabinet styles have modified a lot over the last couple of years. Previously, tall kitchen cabinets were considered trendier, but in recent years, newer homes and kitchens have an increasing gap between the kitchen ceiling and the top of the kitchen cabinets.

So, what drove this change? Are tall kitchen cabinets considered outdated now? Should your kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling or not? We realize your mind must be flooding with questions right now as you have to proceed with your kitchen remodel.

As Sacramento kitchen renovation contractors, we have come up with the answers to all your questions. For starters, tall kitchen cabinets are still pretty much the talk of the town. They simply have a new rival to encounter. The answer to whether or not should your kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling depends on three key factors, i.e., budget, style, and design of the ceiling.

Let’s look at these factors in-depth now:

Factors that Determine Whether You Should Get Tall Kitchen Cabinets


The cost of a kitchen remodel is pretty much the foundation of all your renovation decisions. If you are renovating your kitchen on a restricted budget, getting tall kitchen cabinets might not be your best idea.

Cabinets should be made of high-quality materials and installed by experts so they can withstand the effects of time and be durable. High-quality cabinetry can be pretty expensive, which means the taller the cabinets, the more it is going to cost.

So, if it is either the cabinets that reach the ceiling or high-quality cabinets, we'd suggest you go with the latter!


Your cabinets should complement the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. For instance, if the height of your kitchen ceiling is short, adding tall kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen look cramped.

On the contrary, installing tall kitchen cabinets when the ceilings are high will draw attention to the kitchen’s height and complement it. So, that’s how you make this kitchen remodel decision of should your cabinets reach the ceiling or not.

Ceiling Design

While it is good to be creative and add designs to plain kitchen surfaces, it is also important to make sure you do not overdo it, as it will make the kitchen look overstuffed. Ceiling designs have grown more popular over the last few years and look pretty cool too!

But, if you are designing your ceilings, we suggest you go against installing tall kitchen cabinets since that might ruin the entire look. If your kitchen's ceiling is plain, you can let your cabinets reach the ceiling.

Now that you have the know-how of the key determining factors about whether or not should your kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling let's talk about the pros and cons of tall kitchen cabinets!

Advantages of Tall Kitchen Cabinets

More Space for Storage

It does not matter what you do; sufficient storage space is a thing that simply does not exist – at least in our world! So, tall kitchen cabinets offer the greatest and most obvious advantage of all, i.e., greater storage space!

Since the upper shelves are not easily accessible, you can store numerous things there that you do not frequently need throughout the year. Even if you currently can't think of any extra stuff you could put away in the upper cabinets, just grab the opportunity of adding some extra space while your kitchen remodel plan is still under discussion.

So, if your cabinets reach the ceiling, not only will it make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also look more sleek, organized, and crafty!

Easy to Maintain

If your cabinets reach the ceiling, you will have to spend a lot less time cleaning and dusting your kitchen. That’s because if there is a gap between the ceiling and the cabinetry, you will have to place some decoration pieces or plants to make the gap look attractive. Otherwise, what’s the point of not getting tall kitchen cabinets if it is not to please your eye for aesthetics?

Tall kitchen cabinets that cover your kitchen from top to bottom do not accumulate much dirt. Hence, they are easier to maintain. Just wipe down the surface with a clean cloth, and you will have a sparkling kitchen in no time! Facilitate yourself with this kitchen remodel as cleaning is quite time-consuming!

Modern and Polished Look

Let’s just not deny the apparent cohesiveness and decency of tall kitchen cabinets. We absolutely love the overall look a kitchen gets if the cabinets reach the ceiling. We’d say you should add this to your kitchen remodel plan if you can get the work done within your budget!

Just like the brighter side, everything has a downside as well. Let’s check out what that looks like for tall kitchen cabinets:

Disadvantages of Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Difficult to Reach

While extra storage space sounds appealing, let's not ignore the fact of how challenging it would be to access the top shelves. It could also pose a serious threat of injury if you fall from the countertop, a stool, or a ladder to reach the upper cabinets! If you live with children, you might want to reconsider if tall cabinets are something you should add to your kitchen remodel plan.


As we mentioned at the beginning, tall kitchen cabinets can be way out of budget for some people. If your kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling, you will have to spend more amount of money on first their manufacturing, then their installation, and then their maintenance. So, if tall kitchen cabinets are not something you can make use of, we would say choose the alternative and remove them from your kitchen remodel plan.

But of course, it all comes down to you at the end of the day. If you are fond of tall cabinets and you like the look when the cabinets reach the ceiling, the disadvantages mentioned above are not too major to change your kitchen remodel plan!

So should your kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling? We hope that reading this blog helped you in figuring out the answer to this question since now you have been given an insight into the positive as well as negative aspects of tall kitchen cabinets!

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