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Blissful Baths: Shower Remodeling Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom

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Blissful Baths: Shower Remodeling Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom

Did you know that changes and major alterations to your bathroom can increase your home’s value by 75%? If your bathroom is ready for a makeover, the first place you should start is the shower.

The shower and bathtub are the places where we get clean. A relaxing bath helps us wind down while a hot shower in the morning helps wake us up and prepare us for the day.

If you plan on redesigning your shower, you have many options — from a luxurious bathtub to a more efficient shower. Here are shower renovation ideas to inspire your new shower.

Multiple Shower Heads

Are you trying to achieve the spa shower experience? If so, you’ll love using multiple showerheads.

This creates a rain-like effect, targeting your whole body rather than just the top of your head. Many shower heads also look more interesting, as opposed to just one shower head.

Install one shower head high up in the center and a couple of showerheads lower to ensure you’re saturating your whole body.

Seamless Showers

Seamless showers are one of the hottest trends. These shower walls are installed without joints and grout and the showers don’t have a sill.

The doors are also frameless, making them easy to open and close. This helps the shower look sleek.

There are many reasons why seamless showers are popular. The design is versatile and can work in any bathroom. These are also great options for those with mobility issues.

There’s no worrying about tripping over the sill and the doors are easier to open and close.

Mediterranean Tile

If you love the vintage and old look, Mediterranean tile is seriously trending. These tiles feature geometric designs and patterns.

This type of tile is especially popular in Morocco, which uses a combination of rustic flair with traditional European designs. But you can find all Mediterranean inspiration in tile.

This includes Spanish patterned tile, Greek decorative tiles, rustic French tile, and luxurious Italian tile.

Mediterranean tile is diverse. You can add an accent wall to your shower and redo your whole tiling with Mediterranean tile. You can even implement other Mediterranean style features such as Greek arches in your shower.

Coastal Bathroom

Does nothing make you feel more relaxed than sitting on the beach? Express this in your shower design. But how do you design a coastal shower? Don’t worry, it doesn’t include seashells or “the beach is this way” signs.

Many shower elements give the ambiance of the beach. Opt for teal or sea green paint. Choose clear shower doors so guests can experience the coastal feeling as they walk in.

Or, choose a sand-colored tile with trim and matching blue shower doors.

Doorless Shower

Are you remodeling the shower in a small bathroom? Opt for a doorless shower. Removing the curtain and shower door opens up even the smallest bathroom.

But won’t water spill all over the floor? Your remodeling contractors make changes to reduce the amount of spilled water. They may install multiple drains or use showerheads that prevent spraying water outside of the shower.

If you want the illusion of a bigger shower but want to avoid the doorless design, transparent glass doors provide the same effect.

Industrial Showers

Industrial chic and even steampunk are major interior design trends.

You can create a very modern shower using industrial and rustic elements. Industrial aspects such as a pipe shower and even emphasizing certain areas with oversized nuts and bolts.

It’s best to balance the industrial elements with warm-toned tiles or paint. Too many industrial influences can make your bathroom look cold and too rustic.

Add Color

Who said your shower has to be bland and boring? While tie-dye designs may be too loud, a pop of color does wonders for your shower. Opt for color tile. Green and blue work perfect in the shower.

If you really want to go crazy, find showerheads that change the color of the water!

Choose a Steam Shower

Steam showers offer many benefits. This includes improved circulation and cleaner pores. This is why steam showers are becoming a huge trend for the home.

You can install a separate steam shower or add the steam to your existing shower.

Natural Elements

From wood to stone, more homeowners are going back to basics with their shower design. Natural elements add a unique warmth to your shower and truly stand out.

Wood-panel showers are fabulous when they’re done right. Stone is even more versatile. You can use different types of stone on the walls and floor.

Depending on the type and color of the stone used, you can make your shower look more spa-like with stone.

Bright and White

Not sure what shower design to use? If all else fails, white is always a popular choice. A white shower is sleek and brightens up any bathroom. Do you want that same crisp look but fear white will be too much? Opt for light neutrals instead.

Take Size Into Consideration

If you’re remodeling the shower in a larger bathroom, you have flexibility when choosing the size of your shower. The standard shower size bathroom is ideal if you just want a simple shower so you and your family can hop in and out.

If you want other features in your shower, such as a bench, opt for a larger shower. Larger showers also work great in the master bathroom.

Other factors influence the size of your shower. These include a walk-in shower or a shower/tub combination.

From Doors to Shower Heads: These Ideas Will Inspire Your Shower Renovation

Your shower provides more for your bathroom than a place for you to bathe. That’s why a shower renovation will do wonders for your bathroom.

If you’re not sure where to start, these ideas and trends are perfect for any bathroom and all style preferences. You can choose classic design features such as white bathroom and more innovative features such as multiple showerheads.

Are you based in Sacramento? We can help you with your bathroom remodel. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling services.

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