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Best Flooring Options for Your Bathrooms

— by in Flooring Installation And Replacement

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Best Flooring Options for Your Bathrooms

Although flooring should always be robust, it has to be more lasting the longer you stay in one place. According to studies, the average person uses the restroom for 20 to 60 minutes daily. Even though you might stand or sit for part of that time, your feet are usually on the ground.

The top flooring materials for bathrooms can vary from conventional porcelain tile to lavish marble, depending on your personal style, financial situation, and family's needs. However, each type of flooring has specific advantages and disadvantages, making picking the best option to replace flooring even more challenging.

So, to make this decision easier for you, the flooring installers at Solid Construction & Design have compiled the best flooring materials for your bathroom remodel. Our hardwood flooring company has decades of experience in this area, so you can rely on the knowledge of our flooring installers!

What Condition Is Your Bathroom Currently In?

How is your bathroom looking right now, and why are you thinking to replace flooring? Consider your existing flooring and what's beneath it, whether you've chosen it's time to replace flooring of the guest bathroom or the entire house.

Generally, you will need to extract any existing ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile, which is difficult and takes a lot of time. Your current flooring materials will determine whether you can lay engineered hardwood over linoleum.

A reputable hardwood flooring company can fix any issues with your subfloor, including unevenness. You need a professional flooring installation for the job if you discover flood damage or mold.

The Best Flooring Materials for Bathrooms

Literally, any flooring, from plain concrete to hardwood planks, can be used in your bathroom. But, while certain flooring options are perfect for bathrooms, others could crack, discolor, or start to separate as soon as some moisture accumulates.

The most popular bathroom flooring materials, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, are listed below by the experts at our hardwood flooring company:


Ceramic is the best bathroom flooring material, which is quite evident given its immense popularity. Ceramic tiles have been a common option for flooring and have been used in shower stalls for many years. They could also be highly slippery, so you should always consider the surface's size and texture. Consult a professional hardwood flooring company to choose the ideal ceramic tile for your bathroom.

Vinyl Sheets and Tiles

Although vinyl flooring might not be your preferred option, it would be a mistake to ignore it if you are thinking of replacing flooring in your bathroom. Due to its impermeable properties and the ability to install a single layer of a vinyl sheet without any seams in the center of your floor, sheet vinyl is one of the best bathroom flooring materials.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are either made by the material itself or by adhesives, are the biggest concern with vinyl flooring.

Because it isn't designed to be installed in showers, Luxury Vinyl Tile, a vinyl variation, is generally not the optimal tile for bathrooms. But it will add color to any dull bathroom floor, and there are many options that your hardwood flooring company could introduce you to.


Vinyl sheets and tiles mostly consist of plastic, whereas laminate flooring is on the other end of the scale. Despite being composed of wood, luxury vinyl planks and laminate flooring are more comparable than hardwood flooring.

These planks feel similar to reinforced or conventional hardwood flooring because of the compacted or woodchip core that gives them strength. Even though they sometimes appear genuine, the image on top is really printed and protected by a wear layer. Since they are composed of wood, such flooring materials are not recommended for damp environments by our hardwood flooring company.


Stone tiles should be among your top choices when looking for the best flooring materials to replace flooring if you want to give your bathroom a unique design. The appropriate stone can be utilized for shower stalls, flooring, and walls. Excellent options include marble, travertine, slate, and limestone, and there's a texture and color option for practically all of them.

But, the stone will require sealing, and it can be slippery if you choose polished marble. To put it another way, consider the texture of these tiles and only choose tiles approved for use in bathrooms and other places where dampness or water may be an issue.

Contrary to ceramic tile, you won't have access to as many hues, but the textures and patterns our hardwood flooring company offer to compensate for it. Stone will provide your bathroom with a distinctive style, but it is more costly and necessitates more maintenance overall.


Comparable to vinyl tiles, linoleum is a classic material that is very common in bathrooms but is not used for shower floors. It is one of the least-priced tile types on the list curated by our flooring installers and is made of a biodegradable, environmentally friendly substance. Linoleum can be found in solid colors with elaborate designs, vibrant hues, or a smooth texture. However, because linoleum is not waterproof, problems could result from moisture splashes or a showerhead malfunction if the area is not adequately sealed.

Do I Need a Hardwood Flooring Company to Replace Flooring?

The kind of flooring you select is important if you want to replace flooring in your house without paying a hardwood flooring company. Although stone may be attractive, it is hefty and typically requires assistance. Machining a stone tile can be challenging, and using a manual cutter is also likely to break a few clay-based tiles, so you will likely need the assistance of professional flooring installers.

If you decide to use conventional tile, stone, or sheet-based flooring in your home, it is a good idea to hire a hardwood flooring company to install it. If you're new to DIY, they could be more user-friendly, and if you install them correctly, mistakes could save you money later on. A hardwood flooring company may also resolve your subfloor problems, saving you the hassle of finishing the floor and handling the subsequent mess.

Contact our hardwood flooring company today to get scheduled with our best flooring installers if you want to replace your bathroom flooring!

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