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Water Damage Restoration: Potential Problems For Homeowners

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Water Damage Restoration: Potential Problems For Homeowners

Sacramento experiences occasional bursts of heavy rains and thunderstorms around the year. Water may seep into your home in many ways and lead to leakages or plumbing issues. No matter how the water manages to get in, it could be a while before you notice the damage as the repercussions are not immediate.

Water damage does not simply go away so once you notice the signs; you should immediately opt for water damage restoration in Sacramento to prevent the damages from progressing. Or else, it will lead to even more expensive repairs the longer you put it off.

Here are some of the signs which can help you identify water damage.

Mold and Fungus

Mold and fungus will grow when there is a damp spot in your home. They thrive in moist and dark corners and if you see them, you can be sure that the underlying area is damp. However, they are excellent markers so at least they help you notice the spot where the damage has started.

Some parts of the home like attics, basements, or plumbing behind the house are not very frequently inspected and if had not been for the fungus growing at the spot, you might not have even noticed it. Contact a professional immediately to repair the damage and clean out the unhealthy mold.

In the same way, if you see pests building a nest in some corner of your house, you should have it check for damp and moisture build-up.

Discolored Spots

Trapped water will start eating away at the paint and underlying structure of the house. So, if you see peeling wallpaper or discolored walls, you should have it checked for water damage. Drywalls may start peeling off and the plaster on the walls might seem soft to the touch.

You can also see the paint coming right off as the plaster beneath starts bloating up. You should have a professional come in before the moisture spreads further through the walls.


Although not all warping is caused by water damage, it is a potential cause. If you see wooden window frames or floorboard warping or the laminates curling, then it could be due to water damage. Prolonged and slow water damage might not cause the wood to warp, but you might suddenly find them rotting and peeling away. When this happens, it is time to call professionals for a thorough inspection.

Cracks in the Walls or Foundation

When you see cracks in the walls or floors, it is a sign of potential water damage. Constant moisture can weaken the plaster to crack in certain places, like the foundation. This mostly happens if water seeps into the soil around the house and starts putting pressure on the foundation or the basement walls.

When you notice such cracks, contact a professional right away because basements are poorly ventilated areas and prolonged dampness will quickly aggravate the problem. You might also notice cracks both in the interior as well as in the exterior walls of the home.

Contaminated or Running Water

If you hear sounds of running water behind the walls or under the flooring, then there are chances of severe water damage in your home. The water running out might be either leaking from faulty plumbing, or it could be water gushing in from outside, like accumulated rainwater.

Even if you cannot see the source of the leak, the damage would still be an ongoing process, taking place out of your sight. Depending on the land around your home and the sewage system of your house, the leaking water could also be contaminated, which is why you should leave the inspection to the professionals.

They will identify the source of the leak; check the water toxicity and will also remove the contaminated water as they are equipped with tools and protective equipment, which you might not have access to.

Puddles Around the House

If you see puddles around the house or water pooling in any area long after a rain or storm, then it could lead to water damage soon enough. When water refuses to dry or drain out properly from the premises, it eventually seeps into the nooks and corners of the house. Call a professional for an inspection to determine proper draining measures so that the water flows away from the premises after a shower.

Musty Odor

Even if you cannot see water damage all the time, you might eventually smell it. When moisture is trapped inside the walls, it will eventually start giving out a musty odor. The odor is often caused by the mildew that grows in the damp areas. The air turns dank and you will lose the freshness in the air.

Along with the odor, you might also notice humidity and dampness inside the home. The walls and floor might feel cold and damp to the touch. Check the corners thoroughly to locate the source of the smell or contact a professional for water damage restoration in Sacramento.

Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento: Call Experts Today!

When you notice signs of water damage in your house, it is best not to try any DIY methods and contact professionals right away. A water damage restoration gone wrong can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair. There could be one or several causes of water damage and the professionals will be able to identify the exact reason.

Based on the extent of damage, the professionals decide what would be the correct course of action for the repair. Unlike other forms of damages, you might have to restore not just the precise area of impairment, but also a certain margin of the area around it to make sure that water has not seeped in further.

Professionals involved with water damage restoration in Sacramento will do the job efficiently and quickly, saving you valuable time and using the most cost-effective methods of restoration. They will also make sure to take steps to prevent any future leaks or seepage. The restoration process will leave your water damaged area as good as new.

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