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Upgrade Your Kitchen with KraftMaid Cabinets

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with KraftMaid Cabinets

For those desiring to transform their homes or offices into spaces of elegance and functionality, Kraftmaid Cabinets is the perfect choice. Famed for their harmonious blend of beauty, efficiency, and quality, these cabinets indeed stand out when compared with other brands. The versatile range of styles, sizes, and finishes can cater to any taste or esthetic provision.

The Intricacies of Kraftmaid Cabinets

Kraftmaid Cabinets are not just furniture; they are elaborate pieces curated with careful attention to detail and built to last. They are designed with real life in mind, catering to the practical needs of the home or office while ensuring they stay attractive. As a premium cabinet manufacturer, Kraftmaid Cabinets focuses on more than just assembly; every detail down to the hinges and drawer slides is carefully selected.

Kraftmaid Cabinets Range and Versatility

Fascinatingly, Kraftmaid Cabinets are available in an extensive array of designs. From traditional, transitional, contemporary, rustic, cottage, to industrial styles, Kraftmaid has the perfect cabinet design for everyone. Each design is available in various sizes and finishes, offering a wealth of possibilities in matching or creating your desired style.

Joinery and Craftsmanship

Kraftmaid Cabinets is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. From the shape and profile of the doors to the joinery and finishes, every detail is meticulously checked for quality. Some impressive elements include:

  • Flush Joinery: It's a design detail that enhances the sophisticated look of the cabinet.
  • Dovetail Joinery: It's a mark of quality construction and ensures longevity.
  • Soft Close Hinges: These ensure doors close gently and quietly, enhancing the user experience.
  • Full Extension Drawers: This feature allows for maximum utilization of space, providing easy access to the back.

Customization and Personalization with Kraftmaid

With Kraftmaid Cabinets, you are not limited to pre-defined configurations or sizes. There is room for personalization, ensuring that the finished product should fit perfectly into your space and style. The customization options include:

  • Door Styles: There's a vast array of door styles to choose from.
  • Wood Types: Choose from different wood types like Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and more.
  • Finishes: Different finishes like stain, glaze, paint, and finish techniques are available.
  • Storage Solutions: From roll-out trays to specialized drawer inserts, the options are plenty.

Kraftmaid’s Environmental Commitment

Not only does Kraftmaid Cabinets put an emphasis on quality and customization, it also prioritizes a commitment to environmental stewardship. The company has implemented rigorous processes to ensure its products and manufacturing practices adhere to leading environmental standards. This includes ensuring that all hardwood used in crafting the cabinets comes from responsibly managed forests and making sure the cabinet finishes are low VOC for better indoor air quality.

Why Choose Kraftmaid Cabinets?

With several cabinet manufacturers available, why choose Kraftmaid Cabinets? If quality, long-lasting cabinetry, characterized by an attention to detail, versatile design, and a wide range of customization options, matter most to you, then Kraftmaid is your perfect fit. Whether it's for your new home or a kitchen remodel, investing in Kraftmaid Cabinets ensures you get a luxurious, well-organized, and functionality-enhanced space.

By strategically selecting Kraftmaid cabinets, you not only invest in quality and elegance for your space but also embrace a trusted brand known for its valued tradition in cabinet making. You're not just making a purchase; you're investing in a legacy of top-tier craftsmanship that forever transforms your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions About KraftMaid Cabinets

What material are KraftMaid cabinets made of?

KraftMaid cabinets are constructed from quality hardwoods and furniture-grade plywood. The hardwood styles include oak, cherry, birch, and maple. Cabinets do not contain any particleboard, ensuring durability and longevity of the beautiful pieces.

What unique features do KraftMaid cabinets offer?

KraftMaid cabinets are known for their unique features such as Whisper Touch™ Hinges that ensure a soft, silent close every time. Their DuraKraft™ Finishing System provides a stunning and resistant finish that withstands the test of time and wear. Plus, there are full-extension drawer runners, adjustable wall and base cabinet shelves, and more.

Where can I purchase KraftMaid cabinets?

KraftMaid cabinetry can be purchased from authorized dealers. These include home improvement stores, kitchen and bath remodelers, and local independent dealers. You can use the ‘find a retailer’ feature on KraftMaid’s website to locate the nearest one.

Can I customize KraftMaid cabinets?

Yes, KraftMaid cabinets are known for their wide range of customization options. From selecting the type of wood and a finish to choosing the door style and decorative enhancements, KraftMaid allows you to make your cabinetry suit your taste, lifestyle, and space perfectly.

What do KraftMaid cabinets cost?

The cost of KraftMaid cabinets varies based on several factors, including the style of the cabinet, choice of materials, customization features, and more. However, they aim to provide high-quality products at all price points to suit diverse customer needs.

How long does it take to deliver KraftMaid cabinets?

The delivery time for KraftMaid cabinets depends on the specific product, level of customization, and your location. However, typically, once your order is placed and finalized, your new cabinetry should arrive within four to six weeks.

How do I care for my KraftMaid cabinets?

KraftMaid recommends certain guidelines to help maintain and extend the life of your cabinets. These tips include cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent, avoiding harsh chemicals, and promptly wiping up spills to preserve the beauty and integrity of the cabinetry's finish.

What is the warranty on KraftMaid Cabinets?

KraftMaid offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original purchaser of the cabinetry for his or her lifetime as long as they own their home. The warranty makes sure your cabinets are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal residential usage.

Is KraftMaid environmentally friendly?

Yes, KraftMaid seeks to be as eco-friendly as possible. They are committed to sustainable practices, such as recycling sawdust and scrap wood, using formaldehyde-free adhesives, and sourcing sustainable wood. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is backed by certification with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program.

Are there any discontinued Kraftmaid cabinets?

Over the years, certain Kraftmaid cabinets styles and finishes may get discontinued due to evolving design trends or consumer demand. However, KraftMaid continues to provide a broad spectrum of options to cater to diverse style preferences.

Pros and Cons of KraftMaid Cabinets

Pros of KraftMaid Cabinets

Quality Assurance

  • KraftMaid is known for its strict quality standards, ensuring each product maintains a high consistency of build and finish.
  • Each cabinet undergoes a rigorous inspection process, which increases the likelihood that the unit is free of defects and damages.

Design Variety and Customization

  • KraftMaid Cabinets are available in a plethora of styles, finishes, colors, and sizes to fit your specific design needs and personal style preferences.
  • You can customize your cabinetry to blend well with your existing kitchen decor or create a new unique kitchen theme.


  • With their solid construction, KraftMaid Cabinets are designed to withstand the test of time, making them a good investment for homeowners looking for long-lasting solutions.

Ease of Installation

  • The cabinets come preassembled, often making the installation process quicker and easier than constructing a kitchen from flat pack cabinets.

Cons of KraftMaid Cabinets


  • One of the main drawbacks of KraftMaid Cabinets is their price. Customization options, though an advantage, could significantly increase the total cost.
  • They are more expensive than generic, off-the-shelf models, and not everyone may consider the improved quality and customization options to be worth the higher price.

Limited Availability

  • KraftMaid Cabinets are typically sold through specific retailers, which can restrict where you purchase them from.
  • Some consumers have noted difficulty in finding KraftMaid Cabinets in their local stores, leading to additional efforts to locate them.

Variable Delivery Time

  • Since each order is custom built, delivery can sometimes take a few weeks or even a few months, which could cause delays in your remodeling project.

Replacement Parts and Service

  • Though KraftMaid has a decent warranty, getting replacement parts or service can sometimes be a cumbersome process, especially if the specific style or finish has been discontinued.

KraftMaid Vantage Cabinets: An Overview

Pros of KraftMaid Vantage Cabinets

  • KraftMaid's Vantage line offers even more customization options, including more design, color, and finish choices.
  • Increased storage solutions with unique drawer and shelf designs add to the appeal of this premium cabinetry line.

Cons of KraftMaid Vantage Cabinets

  • Given the upper-tier nature of the Vantage line, these cabinets are typically even more expensive than the standard KraftMaid cabinets.
  • Limited availability can also be an issue with the Vantage line, as they are only sold through specific retail outlets.


KraftMaid Cabinets have offered stylish and practical solutions for homeowners for many years. The brand has proven its commitment to quality and durability. Their myriad of style choices, varieties of wood and finishes, and customizing options give everyone the opportunity to get the kitchen of their dreams. Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task but with KraftMaid Cabinets, it certainly becomes a lot easier and enjoyable.

From unique storage options to attractive finishes, KraftMaid Cabinets truly shine in both form and function. Whether you are going for classic, contemporary or somewhere in between, you will definitely find something that matches your taste and needs in their extensive collection. The brand consistently delivers products that keep up with current trends and technologies, while maintaining the quality craftsmanship that they are known for.

Homeowners who choose KraftMaid Cabinets are not just investing in a product, they are investing in a promise of longevity and quality. The warranty provided by KraftMaid underscores their faith in their products and offers peace of mind for customers. The brand understands the importance of a well-designed, functional kitchen in every home and they strive to deliver that through their remarkable cabinets. It's no wonder why they have remained a preference for many homeowners across the globe.

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