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7 Reasons to Choose Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovations

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7 Reasons to Choose Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are one of the most renovated rooms in the home. From a complete gut-and-remodel to refinishing the counters, floors, or cabinets, there are numerous ways to renew your kitchen and make it a room you love. 

Choosing kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest decisions you have to make when you decide to renovate your kitchen. Without cabinets, there is no organization!

While there are hundreds of choices, oak kitchen cabinets are a wonderful choice if you're considering new cabinetry. Here are seven benefits of oak kitchen cabinets and why they make your kitchen stand out. 

1. Sturdy

A kitchen is a busy place, and cabinets are always being opened and closed or bumped and dented. You need a cabinet that can withstand all the "abuse" that happens in the kitchen, especially if you're a frequent cook. Oak cabinets can take all of the splatters and slams that come with being in the kitchen, and work well if you have large families. 

Oak cabinets are extremely sturdy and durable. Not only can they handle heavy usage, but if one becomes chipped or suffers damage, repairs are easy, and accomplished by sanding the damaged area. You can feel confident that oak cabinets will stand up to the bumps in the kitchen.

Also, oak cabinets are water-resistant and will not swell if exposed to water and humidity. 

2. Beautiful Finish

Oak cabinets have a beautiful grain that radiates warmth and coziness. The look of oak cabinets is truly ageless.

The look of oak cabinets complements nearly every theme or design of your kitchen. They can accommodate a modern, country, farmhouse, or any other look you desire. If you want true flexibility in your kitchen, oak cabinets are a perfect choice. 

3. Customizable

When you're shopping for new cabinets, you'll need to consider the size of your kitchen and how many cabinets you need. Measurements are extremely important because if anything is too big or too small, it will cost you more money and delay your project. 

Because oak cabinets are solid wood, they are customizable to any shape and size. This means that you're usually not limited to certain dimensions and sizes, and you can create custom-size cabinets, in a sense. 

While customizable kitchen cabinets may cost a bit more, it's worth it if you plan on staying in your home for a considerable amount of time or cannot find any other cabinet type that meets your measurement requirements. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

Cabinets that are made from particleboard or other materials are typically produced using a variety of chemicals that are damaging to the environment. In some cases, these materials can also harbor formaldehyde, which is dangerous when it's inhaled. 

Oak cabinets are made of solid wood and are a more environmentally-friendly choice. They will not emit harmful chemicals in your home, therefore making your home's air quality healthier and safer to breathe.

It is also a more sustainable choice, as oak can continue to grow and be sourced responsibly. 

5. Long-Lasting

Oak cabinets are known for their longevity. Because of their strength and ability to resist water, they can last for many years. 

However, it's equally important that you care for them the best you can by refinishing them when needed or cleaning them when they become dirty or stained with food. You'll also want to wipe them down with mild soap and water, wiping in the direction of the grain with a microfiber cloth. 

If something happens and your cabinets become damaged, seek to get it fixed or sanded as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 

6. Classic Look

Wooden cabinets like oak rarely go out of style. They are timeless and extremely versatile, even with a new paint job or refinishing the outside.

This is especially important if you're looking to sell your home in the future. With all the kitchen trends that come and go, you can count on oak cabinets to be an enduring and everlasting look in your kitchen. Potential buyers will notice the beauty of your kitchen and relax, knowing they won't have to worry about a kitchen renovation, which can deter some buyers. 

With its classy look, oak has the ability to stand out in any home. 

7. Different Looks

Because the oak grain is concealed well, you can achieve different looks with oak cabinets while maintaining their strength and durability. 

Oak is versatile and pairs well with many colors and stains. You can have almost any look with oak cabinets, ranging from darker stains to various color paints.

You can also create a more vintage look with oak, or stick to a modern look. The choices are endless!

A Note on Oak Kitchen Cabinet Costs

The cost of oak cabinets will vary according to the size of your kitchen and how many you will need. It will also depend on if you purchase them locally or from a warehouse.

Generally speaking, the cost of cabinets can be around $4,000-5,000 for smaller or moderately sized kitchens. The cost will increase if you have a larger kitchen. 

Customizable oak cabinets will cost more as well. This could be anywhere between $10,000-20,000 or more depending on finishing, stains, installation, type of oak, and more. 

One of the best ways to find oak kitchen cabinets is to find them at a home improvement store, specialized cabinetry store, or construction company. Some people are skilled at helping you choose the best cabinets for your home.

Some people will seek out a custom cabinet maker to make their cabinets because they enjoy the look of a skilled maker. These cabinets are extraordinary and unique because they're made by hand and not a machine. 

Installing Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets are a great choice to add to your kitchen, whether it's a complete renovation or just stocking up on new cabinets. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere no matter what color, stain, or size you choose. 

Are you looking for more help with your kitchen remodel? Let us help you with your kitchen renovation or answer any questions you have.

Contact us today for more information! 

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